Truck Parking Europe

Truck Parking Europe helps professional truck drivers to find a safe parking spot, cheap hot meal or a shower while ferrying cargo across Europe.

While trying to make most of their daily driving limit imposed by regulations, professional truck drivers often have problems finding a suitable place to park their vehicle and rest. Truck Parking Europe app, available for Android and iOS, combines geolocation with specialized online database to intelligently point the driver to the best parking spot.

List of preferred parking spaces is generated by combining driver's location, direction of movement as well as the list of preferences selected by driver, such as availability of shower, Internet hotspot, truck repair shop or video surveillance of the parking lot. Working with our partner Infinum, we designed and produced this mobile app for PTV AG. With a yearly revenue of about 80 million euros and about 700 employees worldwide, this German company is one of the market leaders in the field of software solutions and consulting services for traffic, transportation, mobility and logistics industry.


Find the perfect parking spot

The main interface of the app is the map, a familiar sight to all truckers. It's dotted with parking locations which can be filtered by various criteria divided into three categories - Comfort, Security and Infrastructure. Want to find a floodlight illuminated parking spot, with fuel station and truck wash nearby? Few taps on the screen and off you go!


Taking the quickest route

Alternatively, drivers can let the app make a list of suitable locations based on their preference, but also their present location and the direction of movement. The closer the parking place is, the higher is it on the list.


The power of community

Big part of Truck Parking Europe app is the info provided by pan-European driver community. Every user of this app can create a free account and provide a review of the visited parking space by giving it a rating (1 to 5 stars) and writing a helpful comment, thereby helping his colleagues to avoid bad locations.

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