Software development

Tarmels' core business is design and development of IT systems in form of creating our own products, building software on customers' demand or as part of internal product development.

Custom made solutions

  • Windows – Windows forms, WPF, Oracle forms
  • Web – forms and MVC
  • Mobile – Windows mobile, Android and iPhone apps

Software maintenance

  • Windows and web .NET applications
  • Oracle forms expertise for accounting and reinsurance software

Creating our own solutions

  • Q-AdsManager
  • Q-SalesManager
  • Q-CouponAssistant

We have formed teams specialized for specific technologies.

.Net Team

We are a growing team of young software developers whose expertise are .Net related technologies. Our favorite web framework is Asp.Net MVC4 which, combined with jQuery, creates a powerful and rich user experiance. In the data access layer we prefer to use the Entity framework included in a well structured repository pattern.

On web platform we are also skilled with forms, DevExpress tools, Microsoft reports, JavaScript, Html and CSS.

Java Team

We have a dedicated team of Java programmers who provide high quality Java development solutions. The programmers are well versed with various Java based technologies to provide customized Java based solutions.

Our Java programming will ensure robust application development giving your business a new dimension and a cutting edge in the industry. The proficiency and expertise of our dedicated Java programmers ensure work of unparalleled quality at cost effective budgets.

Oracle Team

We have organized a team of oracle specialists that are involved in several accounting, reinsurance and insurance projects.

Team has experience in working with Oracle forms version from 2i to 11i.

Mobile Development Team

Tarmel & technological and business solutions partners successfully design and develop mobile software solutions based on advanced information technologies.

Our development team is great at iOS, Android and Windows mobile development.

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