Scriptura Engage

Scriptura Engage is a customer communications management (CCM) solution that enables organizations to deliver personalized communications across all channels: print, email, web, mobile, interactive or social media. It allows managing and tracking all communication processes.

This makes communications more effective, improves customer experience and results in a reduction in costs and time-to-market.


  • Document composition - Design templates using an intuitive graphical design environment
  • Multichannel management - Deliver output to multiple channels while keeping a consistent look-and-feel
  • Interactive document assembly (LiveDocs) - Provide users with a controlled environment for interactive document assembly.
  • Mobile - Design mobile applications using an intuitive graphical design environment
  • Electronic forms - Design and deploy electronic forms as an integral part of your communications strategy.
  • One platform for output process management - Strategic customer communications management platform to manage all output processes.