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In today’s challenging working environments, organisations are fast realising the benefits of mass notification technology.

As a solution specifically designed to deliver one-way alerts and notifications to desktop users that cannot be skipped, ignored or saved for later, NetSupport Notify scales to the largest of organisations with multiple sites and provides real-time status of notifications and acknowledgements − as well as delivering pre-scheduled alerts.

Simple to implement and use, NetSupport Notify is the perfect choice for messaging and alerting across a LAN or WAN network. Its dedicated local notification gateways allow seamless message delivery across multiple network segments or dispersed sites without the need for network modifications or switch configuration. A true mass notification system with fast and reliable alerts, NetSupport Notify’s alerts can carry varying priorities, customisations and delivery options.

NetSupport Notify can be installed and operational in a matter of minutes and evaluated within your site via our free 30 day trial download.

NetSupport Notify - Desktop Alerting Solution


Simple to implement and use, NetSupport Notify offers a high impact, focused and scalable solution to deliver internal one-way alerts and notifications guaranteed to grab attention across a LAN or WAN.

Its multi-platform support allows you to send notifications (with varying priorities, customisations, audibility and delivery options) from a Windows PC or Android/Apple iOS device to Windows, Mac, Chromebook and Linux desktops, as well as unattended large screen public information panels.

The notifications automatically take screen focus, meaning they can’t be hidden, ignored or saved for later (even on locked screens) – and NetSupport Notify also includes a real-time record of who has received and acknowledged your notification.

Key features

Send notifications (up to 1000 characters) across multiple platforms instantly (Windows, Chromebook, Mac and Linux desktops).

Send notifications “full screen” to unattended devices (e.g. digital public information screens), with appropriate timeout.

Send targeted notifications dynamically to selected users/devices, specified departments or all computers.

In time-critical situations, send a pre-configured “emergency response” message via a hotkey combination. Use a three hotkey combination to stop emergency response messages from being sent accidentally.

Real-time message previews.

Include clickable links to websites and network resources (UNC paths) in the body of the message.

Supports 10,000 connected user desktops.

In addition to sending notifications using the Active Directory, notifications can also be sent to IP ranges.

Support for Terminal Server and Citrix clients.